Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 Top Five Hits & Misses

For the past few years I've been looking back at my year via the Sewing Top Five meme started by the Sewcialists way back when. I don't see it making the rounds this year, but I emjoy doing it so am going to share my Top Five sewing Hits & Misses with you again! 

2022 was a bit of an odd year but I still did a fair bit of sewing. I spent a lot of time cleaning out my stash and wardrobe (though still lots more to be done) and thinking about what I really wanted to make and wear. (Also a work in progress)

From all of that, I've chosen my top five projects. These are the ones that I liked making, was pleased with when finished, and which I've actually worn since making them! 

Burda 7169

I finished this in mid December and have already worn it three times. It's the perfect mix of 80s style and comfort for me!

Burda 04-1990- 143

I made this dress from an old Burda magazine I got from a friend - the 90s style fits me well and the stash fabric just seemed perfect. I've worn this a lot both in summer and in fall with tights & a jacket. Think this is one I might make again - the fit, and the pockets, are great. I love this one.

This multicoloured knit swing dress was finished right at the start of the year, and I have worn it a lot. It goes with nearly all my coloured jackets, looks good on its own, and is very forgiving to wear. So comfy & colourful.

Burda Book Jacket (Burda 108-2-2021)

This was made thanks to one of the challenge rounds of the PatternReview 2022 Sewing Bee, and it was a fun one! I loved combining the fabrics. Once I came up with the idea for a project featuring buttonholes, this project went very quickly. I love it - but am thinking about removing the collar so it gets more wear. 

Suki Dress by Tilly & the Buttons

This is a very simple pattern, from the book Make It Simple by Tilly Walnes. It is a basic shape, but the belt feature is interesting, and it's a great pattern for a busy pattern. I made this as part of my blue and yellow sewing in the early months of the year and I really love it. Comfortable, chic and so bright.

And now for the sadder side, these are my top five sewing misses this year. Actually I couldn't really decide on five, because I didn't really make many duds this year. I did make some that I haven't worn much, but I think with some small adjustments, I'll wear them a little more. 

Simplicity 9115 - I made the top and skirt from this pattern, and have worn the skirt a little more often than the top. I need to take in the top a bit, and also remember that this set needs ironing - it's not just one to grab in the morning, it will take planning ;) That's the risk you take when you use old sheets to sew clothes with; far more pressing required. 

Liesl & Co Fira Top - I think this one is very cute, and enjoyed the scrappiness of making it. But I just don't reach for denim as my first choice very often so haven't given this the airing it deserves.

Butterick 4969 - this little jacket was made from an 80s pattern, and it's nice but I haven't worn it much. Partly because it's the same sheet fabric as the Simplicity pieces, thus needs to be pressed prior to throwing on, but also because I made it in August near the end of the summer season. Perhaps I'll wear it more this coming summer!

And that's it - my top five faves and top five less faves ;) I hope that your sewing year was weighted toward favourites and that 2023 also treats you well in the sewing room.


  1. I love how you can only find three misses!!! My sewing this year has been an all-around failure, I would be lucky to find three hits.
    Thanks for doing this because its always good to see that others have less successful makes. Megan

    1. Oh definitely. I find that I can go in cycles and sometimes 4 or 5 projects in a row turn out to be a real bummer. It can kill the sewjo! If something is really bad I don't even finish it so it never shows up online and I'm sure that's the case for many others too.

  2. This is a nice round-up post. I really like that Suki dress. Good sewing year for you! And Happy Sewing for the New Year! --LindaC in AZ

    1. Thanks! The Suki is such a simple dress that I was surprised how much I like it, and like wearing it. I think it's the perfect pattern for a busy print :)


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