About Me

I'm a sewing enthusiast who loves to learn new things -- I've been sewing at a basic level for years but in the last few years have really returned to my love of sewing. It's been non-stop ever since, with always another project to make, another class to take or another book to read.

I'm also a librarian and a book person through and through. I've kept a book blog, The Indextrious Reader, since 2006, and read nearly anything. I'm enjoying reading a lot more sewing related fiction and nonfiction recently too. There is always more to learn.

I'm also really into hand embroidery - I love freestyle, surface embroidery most, and spend a lot of time exploring and stitching to learn new skills. I'm pretty new to embroidery although I did stitch up a bunch of grapes when I was about 7 which I still have and aren't too bad, really! That was at the same time that my younger sister stitched her project to her pjs while holding it on her knee to work, and gave up crafts pretty much forever after that...

My mother sewed while I was growing up but I don't come from a huge sewing dynasty that's been passed down generations -- I've picked it up for myself because the combination of creativity and mathematical, logical principles which sewing exemplifies thrills me, the same way that the creative and detailed world of librarianship does.

Also, the sewing community online inspires and excites my imagination, and I'm so glad to be a part of it.


  1. Hello - Much interested in your literary sewing on IG. Would like to understand the timing of the book selection/sewing cycle. Particularly, when does the next session start? Also from the reading sewing prompts are offered. Are the preferred or are you free to come up with your own creation/interpretation?


    1. Hi there, glad to hear that you're interested! The timing for the Literary Sewing Circle is usually once in late spring and then once in the fall. Planning the next session probably for late September, but there is never a set date, just near the Sept/Oct junction. It will be set later on closer to the round.

      The book is chosen, then the reading part runs for 6 weeks and there is usually 3-4 weeks after that to finish up your project and post it. I share book discussion and inspiration posts, but anyone who wants to participate is welcome to make anything at all they want, as long as you can explain why you chose it! It is mostly sewing but any kind of knitting, crochet, embroidery etc is also welcome if that's what you choose. It's a relaxed challenge that anyone is welcome to participate in.


Share your comments, ideas or suggestions here -- I am always interested in hearing from readers. It's nice to have a conversation!