Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Multicolour Snakeskin!

As promised in my last post, my next Pattern Stash Buster is a much more colourful top! This print is as close as I get to animal products ;) It was on the sale table of "skin prints" a couple of months ago and I couldn't resist it, as I knew I had the perfect jewelry for it...

I chose Kwik Sew 3756 -- I've been meaning to make this for quite a long time -- I traced it out because I didn't want to cut into the actual paper that old Kwik Sew patterns come printed on. Plus there were only 4 pieces, 2 of which were rectangular!

Snip Snip, so quick
I love how this turned out -- and it was pretty straightforward to sew, too. The instructions were nice and clear, as usual with Kwik Sew but once again I completely disregarded their "DO NOT GRADE BETWEEN SIZES" warning. From cutting a Medium at shoulder and bust, I graded heavily from waist to hip to hem into a Large. The resulting bump in the pattern was fairly noticeable on paper as there must have been 3/4 inch difference between sizes. But made up it looks perfect and I am very glad I made that change as this sits very nicely indeed on my waist and hip area, and I think it actually makes me look a bit slimmer than I would if it was really tight across the middle.

Sneaking out to the side yard between torrential
downpours today for a quick pic! It started pouring again
ten minutes after I went inside. My backyard
has its own pond now...
Other than the grading I didn't make any alterations. Unless you count completely forgetting to put the interfacing on the facing piece that sits across the bottom of the neckline... which has resulted in a not-quite-square expanse. I think the wee sag in the centre also has to do with size. Next time I make this (and I will) I'll pinch some width out of that centre bit. I was also thinking about changing the sleeve binding to a band but decided to stay with the binding. With this busy print I wouldn't notice if there was topstitching showing anyhow.

I'm very pleased with this comfortable and fun top. It's nice and bright for a change and I like the simple details that make it into a more interesting profile.


  1. Lovely top it looks really good on you and I agree goes really well with your necklace.

  2. The necklace is perfect! You are creating such a lovely top wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Rhonda -- I thought of this necklace immediately when I spotted this fabric -- was glad that I was right in buying it!

  3. The Kwik Sew patterns are designed to be traced - but I wonder why KS said not to grade the sizes? If it is at the sides, I can see no reason why not.

    Your pattern really enhances this top - it looks fantastic. Another great addition to your wardrobe.

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz! I always find it amusing that the older Kwik Sew patterns always warn not to grade. Not sure what the rationale is, but of course I'm going to grade at the sides when I need to...


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