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8:05 PM

I seem to have a thing about mustard yellow lately. Not only have I made both a woven tee & today's skirt out of mustard colour stash fabric, I also just bought a couple of metres of lovely soft mustardy knit! That will come into play soon...

I recently finished New Look 6217 using my flowy woven from the stash, and there was enough left to make a skirt. So I chose New Look 6215, liking the look of the front drape.

I"m quite pleased with how it turned out, though like the first skirt I made, I do find the waistband just slightly too large -- I have to figure out how to have the waistband fit at the same time as the hip does. In this skirt, I really like how it fits across the hips and, well, big bum area! The front drape is attached to what is essentially a finished skirt, so there is no potential to gape disastrously either.

The pattern is fairly clear to follow, but I didn't like how it gave no indication that the seam edges should be finished before inserting the zip. Since it's inserted all the way up through the back waistband, that could be a really ugly foldback if you were a beginner and didn't know to finish the edges somehow. But otherwise, it was a fairly simple process. I really liked the facing on the edge of the drape, it looks very tidy and gives some weight to the overlay which makes it lie very nicely.

Here is a closeup to get the sense of how this fits -- although something else I discovered was how quickly this fabric wrinkles...I finished it and folded it up on my sewing table overnight...today I have a wrinkly photo! 

I didn't do my usual addition of pockets, as I didn't think they would fit in with this design. I simply followed the pattern, really quite closely. I haven't made many skirts, and so I was taking it easy with this one. It has a lapped zipper, and I had a bit of a struggle with it, but it did turn out well, even if I forgot to take a photo. I just have to sew the hook and eye on at the top of the back zip and this will be complete.

I think I'll be able to wear it with a number of the tops I've made in the last while -- and here it is in ensemble with the top just made from the same fabric.

Now if only it would get warm enough here to wear this kind of outfit out!

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  1. Yes, you must be fed up with the cold weather - a very pretty outfit.

    You will often find that patterns do not tell you about finishing edges - so, for skirts, I always tend to finish the edge first. Sometimes laying out and following the instructions mentally can tell you what extra steps may be needed.

    1. Yes, really wanting some warmer weather!

      I tend to read through all the instructions first to see what's missing and get a mental map of my construction process. If I was trying to teach myself from scratch though, not sure I'd clue in to the little things that we do by habit after sewing for a while.

  2. I like it! Is it a faux wrap? I love the idea of a wrap panel, but hate wrestling it all day. This is sharp on you- go Colonel Mustard!

    1. Yes it is a faux wrap -- no flashing going on here ;) I'm obviously going to have to wear this Colonel Mustard outfit in the library...

  3. What a great outfit! I like the style of both pieces. The wrap and tucks/pleats on the skirt give it a little pizzazz! It is nice to find details that help make a piece different. Mustard yellow is good color for you!

    1. I liked the extra pleats, I agree that's the something extra that caught my eye with this pattern. Thanks for the nice compliments, too :)


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