Sunday, May 4, 2014

Me Made May, 1st update

I'm taking part in Me Made May for the first time this year, and I'm mostly sharing updates on my daily wear via Flickr and/or Twitter. But I'll be updating once a week, Sundays, right here on the blog with some of the things I'm discovering through participating in this project. Here's the brief first update for you --

Thursday: Simplicity 2474 cardigan
Friday: KwikSew 4013
Saturday: Vogue 7155 (never blogged, PR review here)
Sunday: Vogue 8514 

(I'm wearing Vogue 8514 backward according to the pattern design, but it both fits
 better and looks more flattering this way. The shoulders sit more comfortably with
 this top  "backward" as well -- this is the only way I actually wear it now)

I'm finding that taking pictures is the worst part: I don't like photos of myself very much, plus I don't have a nice camera so can only get blurry snapshots most of the time...I feel like other sewing bloggers have nicer photos plus they are doing much more interesting things than simply going to work! ;)

But I am also finding that I am enjoying looking at my closet and realizing how many things I have made. Plus seeing myself in them helps me realize what I like best and what I think I look best in. And it also reveals that there are some fixes I need to make! I am noticing that I don't make many "bottoms", either skirts or pants, usually going for dresses or quick tops. I'll have to see what the rest of the month reveals.


  1. I agree, taking pictures is not easy. It is helpful to study our closet! What a great idea to wear V8514 backwards. I like the detail of the back.

    1. Thanks, Dharma - it's fun to make your clothes your own ;) Looking through my closet has reminded me to wear more of my own makes, so Me Made May has been a success so far!


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