Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Farewell to Poetry Month!

April is Poetry Month ~I enjoy poetry and love to share it on my book blog throughout April. But as a farewell to Poetry Month 2014, I thought I'd share a few poetic links for all my sewing friends, too!

First off... here's a pattern for a Poetry Skirt I bought a few months ago, but haven't made up yet...I love the shape and the idea, but what poem should I use?

I've also found a few great poems this month that feature sewing and other handcrafts, some that were spectacularly beautiful. One of my favourites was The Water Seamstress by Nancy Willard, from her collection The Sea at Truro. It begins: 

The bride admires the pleats on the skin
of the sea. So smooth! So cool!

And finally, there's the classic riff on Wallace Stevens' iconic 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, written by the brilliant Erin at Dress a Day -- anyone who sews will appreciate this one, entitled Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pattern. It is such a delight! I can only wish that Erin would make a print from this poem -- I'd love to buy one and have it hanging in my sewing room :) BTW, Erin has also written a wonderful novel for lovers of vintage clothing as well --

more info here

Hope you've enjoyed this detour through the poetry world! Do share any of your own favourites in the comments as I'd love to discover even more great sewing-related poetry.


  1. That skirt is so fun! How about some nice Dorothy Parker?

    1. LOL! She's always reliable, good idea :)


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