Friday, January 12, 2024

First Make of 2024: a pretty pencil case

The first item I've made for myself in 2024 is unusual for me -- I've made a pencil case! I don't often make small things like this, but I really needed a pouch for my nice pens that would stay with my bullet journal. When I was putting together the list of free Christmas project ideas, this little Burda pattern stuck with me. I have the original magazine so used that, but you can also find this pencil case pattern on the Burda website. 

It was quite straightforward. I used two pieces of cotton that are stuck together with fusible, then you wrap them around and stitch a zipper in. I had a gorgeous rainbow zip that was perfect for this, although it was a bit shorter than the pattern called for. Fortunately, I was planning on shortening the pouch anyhow, since my notebook was a bit smaller than it was designed for. The zip was 7/8" shorter than the pattern wanted so I shortened my pattern pieces (rectangles) by the same amount. 

The only difficulty I ran into was stitching the zip in. Although the pattern doesn't say so, I think that a separating zip would be a LOT easier to install. As it is, I just stitched the last inch or so of the second side down by hand, since I couldn't twist the little tube around enough to manage by machine. It was pretty quick, although I do recommed a thimble since you're stitching through two layers of stiffened cotton plus a zipper tape. 

The extra cool thing about this pattern is that there is elastic sewn in to the ends, so that you can loop it around your notebook. This helps me to keep it closed, and to have a nice pen and anything else I might need handy at all times. 

I really loved the combo of the brand new fat quarter that I used for the outside, with its astronomical theme, and the lining which was a very old marbled print cotton in the same colour tones. They match nicely with this year's notebook, too! 

What a fun way to start the sewing year, by making something that will help to keep me organized. I really enjoyed making this, and love using it, too! 

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