Friday, December 8, 2023

Fun, free patterns for holiday sewing

I like to make a few gifts here and there every year. This year I haven't done much, but I always like to collect a few potential ideas! So I thought I'd share a few of the interesting patterns out there that I've found that are pretty quick and easy gift ideas. 

There are quite a lot of accessories available for free on the Burda website at the moment. There are a couple of very cute bags which were all in varied Burda issues, but can also be downloaded for free! These range from an adorable crossbody bag to a croissant bag to some denim minipurses (and more).

There are some cool little stocking stuffer ideas too, like a coffee cup holder, a hair wrap, cosmetic bag or even super sweet miniature egg cozies ;) There are tons more placemats, hair bows, pincushions, shawls, slippers and much more! 

One of the more fun and unusual things I saw in Burda is a balaclava -- basically a hooded scarf. It's so cute and doesn't require any fitting. Also it's a little different from the usual scarf. You could add in some quick mittens to make a winter set for a gift recipient, too. 

If you want to give some home dec, Burda also has some decor patterns from the latest December issue  available for free right now. You could make your own stuffed Christmas tree or a lovely scrappy star cushion.

Of course there are tons of places other than Burda to find free gift ideas! 

Heather Handmade has a list of 50 gift ideas, from home goods to bookmarks, bags and more -- plus extra links to other gift lists. 

Of course there are tons of ideas on Pinterest - for a bit more guidance, try this board full of small free sewing projects collected by SewCanShe. 

Vanessa from Diyncrafts put together a list of some free, quick ideas that includes some more unusual ideas. 

Fabricville Canada has some fun projects available for free, both sewing and more crafty. And Fabricland Canada has some fab free projects on their blog, too. 

Hello Sewing has a collection of interesting small gifts to try out. 

Diary of a Quilter has a list of quick last minute gifts, many of which are free tutorials. 

Or, if you prefer to listen to suggested holiday gifts (not all free), you can check out a couple of recent podcasts: 

Sewcial Hour's DIY Christmas Magic
or even the classic Love to Sew "Sewing Gifts" episode from 2019

Whatever you choose, don't stress out and have fun this holiday season! 
(and if you have any fave gift projects to share, please leave them in the comments)


  1. Hi Melanie, this is fabulous!!! What an amazing collection of ideas. I love to give a small handmade gift and now have plenty of inspiration. .... Sara

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Sara! I thought there were some great ideas for small gifts here, hope something proves useful for you :)

  2. Thank you for this list! Thanks to you and Fabricland, I finally have directions for sewing inside corner bias binding, which has been puzzling me for years. Also gleaned some other ideas.

    1. That's great to hear! Happy that these resources were helpful for you :) Lots of different things to explore, like sewing tips, and yes, corner binding confuses me every time ;)


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