Sunday, August 21, 2022

Weekend Review: Making Clothes for Your Dog


Making Clothes for Your Dog / Jisu Lee
trans. from the Korean by New Design Originals Corp.
East Petersburg, PA: Fox Chapel, 2013, c2010.
142 p.

This is a funny little book for anyone who loves their small dogs. I'll admit, I don't have a dog and have no plans for one, but couldn't resist taking a look at this cheery craft book by a Korean author. 

It includes both sewn and knitted outfits for dogs (all small dogs). There are a variety of styles, from knitted capes to bridal wear. There are t-shirts, button down shirts, and a sweet apron and bandana combo. My favourite outfit is the traditional Hanbok for a one year birthday -- they are absolutely adorable, and the idea of having a birthday party for your dog made me laugh too. 

If you are into this kind of thing there are tons of ideas here. The book starts with an outline of supplies needed, and also gives a page of 'bios' of all the dog models in costume. Each project is outlined as a concept and with pattern sketches, and then has a series of step by step instructions with lots of photos to accompany it. Any actual patterns needed are included in an envelope in the back of the book. 

There are also many cute dog pictures so if you just want to look at it for entertainment, it works well that way too! I'm never going to sew for a dog but still enjoyed this book. It's interesting to see the perspective of a young Korean craft blogger; you get a sense of that part of the world through the projects she chooses and how she shares them, and via her intro of course. A delightful little book!

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