Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Stitching All the Leafage


Really happy with how my #PeaceForUkraineSAL is progressing -- this is pretty fast for me ;) I finished up the wheat stalks from last week and moved right into the first leaf at the top of the design. it's done in a long and short stitch with some contrast for the veins and the shading in the middle, as well as an outline. I was quite pleased with the look of it and so moved right on to the Guelder Rose leafage at the bottom of the design.

That worked even better, now that I had practiced the technique on the first one! I really like how smooth and shiny these ones turned out. The edges were also much smoother than the first leaf so it was easier to get a sharp outline. Next up were the poppy leaves to the left.

These one are done in a lighter green, with a darker outline. I like the effect quite a lot, and find that the greenery all together adds some life and brightness to the design. I love the design of this project, there is so much smooth, full coverage stitching and it's really pretty. Can't wait to add some reds and pinks in next. 

If you're interested in giving this one a go as well, just a reminder that the designer is Embroidery Art by Nat and that this one is a fundraiser for Ukraine, with all the info on her website. You can now also buy the pattern directly on her Etsy shop if you wish, as well.


  1. You are doing beautiful work on this piece. It will be an historical heirloom, I'm sure.

    1. Thank you Carol! I am taking my time and trying to make it as good as I can possibly can :)


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