Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Green Burda Skirt for a Suit

When I made my recent New Look 6159 green blazer, I always intended to make a matching skirt, inspired by Dior's spring 2022 show. So I got to work right away this year and tried on my new blazer with at least 5 different skirts from my closet to determine which skirt would be the most complementary to the jacket. I decided that this Burda 109-11-2019 was the best match for it, so quickly cut it out and started sewing.

I've made this pattern twice since October so felt quite comfortable sewing it up quickly. I repeated all the adjustments I made when I sewed up my last version, the checkerboard skirt that is still waiting for its matching jacket. The only difference is that I made this green version one inch shorter. I prefer it in this length so I've just created more work for myself - now I want to shorten the original checkerboard version too! 

I left off the D-Ring feature at the waistband that makes this skirt distinctive, but I felt that it would match with the jacket better without them. Again, the cut on pockets are amazing and I love the fit now that I've got the sizing adjusted. 

I happened to find a vintage invisible zip in my stash in "Jade", almost the exact colour of the skirt. And I finished off the waistband with an invisible skirt hook and eye rather than a button. It's very sleek and clean, and I like it that way. 

I used a remnant of plain cream lining rather than matching the polka dot lining of the jacket, just because the dot lining is a bit staticky and this leftover bemberg lining is not. It all seems to go together to my eye, and I'm very pleased with it! The fabric is prone to creasing though - you can tell in these pics which were taken after wearing the outfit for a few hours.

I'm working on a black blouse to wear under it, and already have my eye on some textured yellow cotton in my stash for another bright skirt suit. I'm afraid this is going to be addictive!


  1. Very nice! You look great in your new outfit.

  2. What a beautiful suit! You look wonderful! I like that skirt length too!

    1. Thanks Mary! The colour is very cheering to wear. And I like a knee length skirt, my legs are too short to safely wear anything much shorter ;)


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