Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Burda in Red

I decided to participate in Pattern Review's September mini wardrobe contest, and so made two skirts to go with the black and white tops I was making. I had this red ponte in the stash and realized it was the exact red of the print in my Kirsten tee. So I chose a Burda skirt pattern from 1992 that I'd been wanting to try, and made it up. 

I made a few changes since the pattern was drafted for wovens. I cut a 42 instead of my regular 44, and I left out the back kick pleat. Not really necessary with the stretch in the fabric, and the length (I made it a touch shorter than intended by the pattern). 

It has slant pockets - my favourite kind - and an elastic waist. I used some random red poly lining material from the stash for the interior of the pocket, for its lightweight nature and how soft it feels. 

The waistband has two channels for 3/4" elastic and honestly it was the most aggravating part of the whole process. Pulling elastic through those small channels of heavy material was very laborious, and my safety pin opened halfway on the first go and I had to wiggle the whole thing out, arghhhhh! Anyhow, I finally finished it and think it's pretty good overall.

I am reminded that I don't love elastic waists like this, as they add bulk to my waistline which is already crowded into my short body. I like the skirt otherwise, and with a top over the waist (like the Rachel), or a belt added, I am happy with it. I love the bright colour and this ponte should hold up for a while. I think I will get some fun wear out of this bright project. 


  1. You always look so pulled together with your makes and I love that you have a shoe wardrobe that pulls it all together so perfectly! I agree with the feeling of added bulk of an elastic waistband but you don't see it here. Your skirt looks great!

    1. Thanks Graca! I was pleased to be able to pull out my red shoes ;) I'm glad that the elastic waistband isn't too obviously bulky but in a heavier fabric like this one it is hard to get away from the excess gathering -- good thing it's easily worn with tops over the waist!


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