Friday, December 11, 2020

Cover Designs 19!: Elsey Come Home


Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well.

Today's choice is Elsey Come Home by Susan Conley

Elsey is unhappy in midlife; married with two small children, she buries her pain and dissatisfaction in drinking. Her husband gives her an ultimatum - go to a mountain retreat or else. So she goes, and meets a group of other attendees who force her to face up to the roots of her pain and decide what her future will look like. A highly anticipated novel in many magazine roundups, this one is a quiet, slower moving story of a woman, midlife identity, and motherhood.

While this is an illustration, I think it's definitely a seasonal look. I can think of two great free patterns that you could use to recreate this cozy sweater in just such a bright colour to cheer the grey days. Not to mention that the cover of this book features the 2021 Pantone colour duo!

The first is the Jalie Yoko sweater, a boxy turtleneck that is a quick make. If you found a comfy knit in a rich yellow, you could copy this top exactly. 

Yoko by Jalie

L'Oiseau Fabrics has this rich yellow sweater knit in their online store -- it looks like a nice match! 

Or you could try out the Tessuti Monroe turtleneck, another free option. It's also fairly boxy, similar to their very popular Mandy Boat Tee, but with added neckline coziness. 

Monroe by Tessuti

Water Tower Textiles has the perfect modal rib knit for this cozy top, with the perfect stretch to fit snugly at the neckline.

Or of course you could find a similar oversize sweater-like turtleneck within the Big Four offerings -- you might even have something already in your stash, such as this Vogue 9330. 

Whichever you choose, enjoy a bright and snuggly wardrobe during the dark days of winter to make you feel great! 

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