Friday, July 3, 2020

Mending and Making Do

This week I finally got to some of the mending and upcycling projects in my endless queue. I started with a dress that I was given in a bundle of fabrics that were passed on to me. This dress was an 80s print rayon (which I love!) and it was half made. The bodice was very close fitting, double breasted, and with long sleeves. It was very out of fashion, too small, and generally unsaveable. 

But the skirt was very full and pleated, already hemmed and with pockets. I had to save that. After pondering a bit, I unpicked the pleats which thankfully were so loosely sewn that the rayon didn't run as I removed the old thread. Then I went the easiest route ever: I picked up some wide elastic for a quick waistband, gathered the skirt and stitched it to the elastic for an instant pull-on skirt. It's comfortable, quick and now I can wear this fabulous print. One more project off the "fix it rack"!

While I was on a roll I continued on with some very minor mending projects that I've been putting off, who knows why. First, I changed the buttons on an 80s dress ("Sears Fashion") that I picked up at the thrift store last summer (!!) It fits perfectly and is so cute -- I just had to change the awful buttons that close it up the back. I was going to use black but found some charcoal ones in my stash that work even better. 10 minute job.

Old plastic mauve buttons
New charcoal buttons!

Then I added another buttonhole and one more matching button to the neckline of the Sorrell Dress by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, which I made almost a year ago, and have been meaning to add an extra button to ever since.

And finally a super quick fix to the grey Butterick skirt that I just made -- the waistband button slides around a bit as the buttonholes are a bit larger than optimal. So on that one buttonhole I just closed up one end by about 1/8th of an inch just by hand stitching a bar over the buttonhole stitching. Easy enough.

I don't know why I put off little fixes for so long but I'm glad I got a few down this week. My mending rack is still pretty full, though, so I am hoping to get a few more things back into the regular wardrobe this summer by tackling a few of them each week.

Do you find mending your own makes difficult or dull? Do you often bother? Or do you actually like mending?


  1. Its a great idea to sort a few of those mending projects out

  2. Well done! I have a whole crate of shame plus a dozen more things that 'just' need a hem, or better elastic, or...or...or...
    Sigh. One day

    1. Yes, I have quite a few more waiting that just need elastic replaced or hems redone. Then there are few more complex ones that I've REALLY been putting off ;)

  3. Mending is just not as exciting, so I put it off endlessly. It helps if the machine is already threaded with something compatible

    1. Yes! I really hate mending, even if I've just finished something and just need to tweak it. So have to really consciously choose to do some of it.


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