Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Grey Checked Button-Front Skirt

I've been taking some time this week to follow the Black Lives Matter events and posts, and look into some learning opportunities, and some organizations that may need support. I will be continuing to do so as part of my daily life, and will always support anti-racist groups and activities.

This is my sewing blog, so I'll be returning to mainly talking about sewing, but I'll also be remembering that anti-racism is more than just a one week flash, it's a lifelong practice. And so I'll be examining how I share and do my best to keep these issues current as I blog, even about my sewing.


And now for the second project I made using the grey checked cotton I made my first Cielo from! I thought that this fabric would be perfect for a button front 80s/90s inspired skirt like the patterns I've been seeing everywhere lately.

So I went back to the source, a 1992 pattern in my stash, Butterick 6222. This is a wardrobe pattern which includes a pleated/gathered button front skirt among other items (including an interestingly seamed cami top).

Like other patterns from this era, the waist is quite small. I had to add 2.5" to the waistband, but found that it came out a smidge too big -- I didn't account for some fabric stretch, I guess. I only had access to buttons in my stash when making this, and found these clear ones that I think look good on this fabric, but my buttonholer didn't like them much and I find that the buttonholes are a bit bigger than ideal. It still works fine, it's just the waistband button with its extra stress that shifts a bit. I added a snap to the waistband button overlap to keep it a little less shifty.

There were no pockets in this pattern -- bonkers, as a full skirt is the perfect place to hide some side seam pockets. So I added some, using a very lightweight poly from my stash (an old microfibre sheet I thrifted and use for things like this).

I like it, but remember now why I don't really wear this style of skirt much any more -- I used to wear this style ALL the time in the late 80s/90s. There is a lot of volume, and my height and pear shape don't exactly work with this style the way I'd hoped. But it's a comfortable wear, and when I took the pictures in the evening of a hot day, I found that this fabric is so very cool.

I can wear it with a matching top for a real 80s throwback - boxy top and full long skirt -- or with a much less voluminous top like the black linen tank top from New Look 6035 that I made about 6 years ago now!

I only had a smidge of trouble with this one -- I somehow put in a buttonhole near the top in the wrong spot, closer to button four than button two! And I had already cut it before I noticed. I decided to try a spot of mending, and unpicked the buttonhole, fused the edges to the facing and then 'darned' it with a mix of white and grey threads. You can't notice it unless you're looking for it, so I think it worked. I'm quite pleased that I now have symmetrical buttons, after restitching the buttonhole in the correct spot. Just when you've think you've made every possible sewing error, another one pops up! Always a journey.


  1. I am also pear shaped and short to boot. I was considering a similar skirt and I think you look great!

    1. Thanks Tobie! I'm never sure but that never stops me from trying something. It's really growing on me :)

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  3. Yes it's funny to see that these skirts are so popular again. Almost every pattern company has one or several along these lines. Along with pleated pants!😂 These loose, button front skirts are perfect for summer. I like your fabric, I am often looking for grey with a print/pattern and it's not easy to find.

    1. So many skirt patterns out there right now! I snapped up this grey fabric last year for that very reason -- it's so hard to find any at all!


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