Friday, August 23, 2019

Always Learning: Sewing,Reading,& Sewing again

I don't have a finished project to share with you today. I have been spending all my sewing time lately on a 'secret' project I am making as part of my blogger collaboration with Fabricville. I'll be able to share it in a few weeks & can hardly wait! It's so great- think Jalie and some of my favourite fabric yet...

Meanwhile, I had a great day for finding more sewing resources! And it is a glorious day here today so once I got home with all my goodies I just sat outside and read them all instead of actually sewing 😉

I stopped first at the library (not the one I work at) to pick up some holds. Did you know that your library might carry sewing books with patterns inside? Take a look in your library, I have used so many from mine!

I picked up the very new Print Pattern Sew by Jen Hewett - not only a great primer for block printing it also contains patterns to trace off for simple garments and accessories you can then make with your printed fabric.

I also found a neat book on embroidery used for art pieces - lots of cool info & even a new-to-me stitch shown.

Then I stopped at the thrift store and found this thorough resource on metallic thread embroidery plus an old magazine.

And also this spectacular 1971 pattern making book with all the necessary bits still intact. This should be fun to explore.

And finally once I made it home I found that my September issue of Burda had arrived! It's a good one 🤩

So you can see that I couldn't fit in much sewing time today- but reading about sewing is almost as good. At least I enjoy it just as much!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was certainly one of those lucky days!

  2. I can only say you must have an amazing thrift shop! I will have to look more carefully when I go to op shops. I don't see treasures like these.
    And unfortunately reading about sewing is a weakness of mine. I have so many books, but not so much in the way of finished items.

    1. I go to four thrift shops in the area on a regular basis so sometimes I do find great things! One of them in particular has a lot of sewing related items as it's in Mennonite country.

  3. Oh ... The Perfect Fit looks fascinating. Please keep me posted on your thoughts. I'm going to check WorldCat now for a copy to borrow!

    1. It's such a funny little book! Long and narrow and fortunately for me still has all the materials. If it wasn't all there, I still would have bought it because those long pages of pattern designs would look great framed :)


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