Friday, July 12, 2019

80s Fashion in Stranger Things

I've been off work this week, and while I didn't get as much sewing done as I'd planned, I had a great week. And I spent some of it watching Stranger Things Season 3. 

I have been surprised by how much I liked this series, and Season 3 was just on fire. I loved it. And one of the reasons I love the show so much is the fantastic 80s setting. I'm an 80s girl myself so I love watching for all the 80s memorabilia in the background, and catching all the references to 80s pop culture. And of course, the fashion is fabulous!

They really have the 80s aesthetic down. Though even my favourite fashionable character, Nancy Wheeler, doesn't have hair that quite matches my own enormous 80s do!

1988, fall of Grade 12

Nancy has the greatest outfits this season -- she's interning at the local paper so wearing things a little more summery and dressy than previously. This means lots of shirt dresses, matching tops and skirts and the cutest 80s pumps.

According to the wardrobe designer, many of Nancy's outfits were original 80s wear found on Etsy and places like that. Jealous! But you know, as sewists we can make what we like, and I have made some 80s inspired pieces recently. 

From my Style 4037 to my New Look 6344, I have a number of 80s era patterns I've made. And I own a ton more patterns copyrighted in the 80s that I have not yet made! Here are a few that I think might suit Nancy Wheeler if made in an appropriately 80s fabric choice. 

It's funny how many of these are brand names. I know I have an Esprit romper in my stash somewhere as well, and that's definitely one of the brands referenced in Stranger Things! I also liked the blouse that Robin was wearing in the last episode, but can't find any images of it -- just a black blouse with white accents -- I can see a hacked Stretch & Sew 345 to copy it (incidentally also another 80s pattern!) 

What about you? Are you inspired by the 80s? By Stranger Things? By your own favourite summer viewing? 


  1. Hmm the 80s, the decade that style forgot lol Personally I thought everything was way too boxy and oversized for my tastes, although hey, bodycon and leggings floated my boat. My hair was a BEAST in the 80s- it evolved from 'long with slightly shorter sides and a fringe' to full on mullet with shaved sides, often sprayed blue or green, and a high spiked top, all of it bleached and crimped to hell and back. Eventually this resulted in needing to have it all chopped off VERY short in 1992.

    1. That hair sounds fantastic! I love the 80s, perhaps because I was a teen then, and the rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia colour everything ;) Though I wouldn't go back to being a teen for anything!

  2. I was in a bit of a fashion void for a lot of the 80s. I did get into the early 80s ‘New Romantic’ style after a bit of punk......I still have my skinny jeans I made from mattress ticking dyed green, using the Vogue Calvin Klein pattern. They seem to have been made for a very slender person! I made them on a treadle sewing machine! Love your hair, it shows dedication!

    1. New Romantic was one of the best styles :) Those jeans sound amazing. I wish I still had a dress I made in 1985, a minty tie dye t-shirt dress. It was pretty 80s spectacular!

  3. Wow, I have many of those same patterns. Unmade, but hey, I have them. Just wish I had my '80s body to do with them.


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