Friday, May 3, 2019

May Sewing Plans

Here it is a few days into MeMadeMay already, and my goal, as I posted earlier, is to look at my wardrobe and what it is that I wear most. And to look at the things I don't wear, and decide if I need to refashion them or pass them on.

Part of this is also examining my stash, and seeing which fabrics I need to pass on and which I should use up soon! I do notice that I much prefer linens, cottons, rayons and other more natural fabrics, instead of polyesters. And that when I do find old polyester yardage I'm not keen to use it. So that's something to be aware of when buying thrift fabric or when tempted by a pretty print.

Here are some of the fabrics I've pulled from my stash recently, trying to match them up with patterns also from the stash -- my summer sewing is pretty much sorted just from this! I have a few more dresses in pdf format to print off and assemble, and I think that I'll have a full rota of dress sewing until the end of the summer at this point.

I also have a few things already cut out that I'm hoping to finish this month -- they've been sitting in the cut and waiting to be sewn pile for a while now!

I"m making the top view in this scrap of stash fabric

And finally, another goal for May is to mend/alter/fix a few of my self-sewn projects that I haven't worn much due to just small things that need fixing. I need to fix a zipper on one; add a lining on another, just hem another! Little things and my outfits will get worn more often. Finding the time and motivation for mending is the hardest thing for me, so it's something I really want to work on. How about you? Do you enjoy or put off your mending chores? What are you planning for May?

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