Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Me Made May 19: a pledge

I didn't really take part in Me Made May last year; I seem to join in sporadically. I think I will join in this year though, for the 10th annual challenge, with a different kind of pledge than in previous years.

I have tons of memade at this point; I can easily wear a different memade garment every day. That's not a challenge any more. What is a challenge is thinking about my memade wardrobe in the light of sustainability. How much do I need? And is my making done thoughtfully? These questions are more of the kind of challenge I'm thinking about lately.

So my focus this year is to figure out whether I'm wearing and enjoying my already existing wardrobe of memades, what garments/fabrics in my stash are keepers and which to pass on, and to make some decisions about the kinds of fabrics I'll buy in future -- thinking about what things my wardrobe needs and how I can fulfill that in the most sustainable way I can. 

I hope everyone who is participating remembers that according to Zoe's original manifesto, this challenge isn't intended to spark a sewing frenzy in order to wear something different every day or to take daily photos if you don't want to. It's a way to get to know your me made wardrobe better. I hope it will help me do so this year!


  1. Hi Melanie. I have never participated in Me Made May, but have always watched from the sidelines. This year I am not around much in May to consider such a project. I do understand your issues with sustainability. I have read more in the past twenty four months about textiles, fashion and sustainability than I have in all my past life! And it can be so depressing. So, if I was to have a sort of goal, I would work along the lines of using up my stash, re-cutting existing clothes not used, and to look at a variety of other things to sew, as maybe I need to worry less about clothes.
    Having said that, sewing clothes that fit and look good is a real challenge and takes a lot of thought, calculation and creative time. AND, I would miss it terribly if you stopped making all those lovely clothes, and talking about them. I wait for the next amazing garment!!!

    1. I completely agree with you on current goals, Sara! I'm hoping to mend some of my patiently waiting outfits so I can wear them again as well.

      I love sewing, particularly sewing garments, as part of my relaxation and creative process so would never be able to cease that altogether, don't worry :) I just want to be sure I'm being as careful as I can about my resource use and to be thoughtful about my sewing!


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