Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Me Made May thus far

I've been consciously wearing Me Mades every day this month so far...but haven't really been taking pictures of my daily outfits, except for the newest item of course! 

I'm enjoying going through my closet but just can't rustle up the energy to take new photos every day. Added to that, I've just had a terrible haircut which I am hoping grows out quickly, so that kind of adds to my photo resistance!

In any case, Me Made May this year has been a chance to view my own makes and decide what I feel like wearing, what I don't, and get a sense of what I usually reach for first. It's been really helpful that way. One definite lack in my wardrobe is me-made bottoms - I have a few skirts, and I now have 2 pairs of pants - one that is only for house wear (my SBCC Pinot pants) which are stalwart weekend wardrobe picks, and now my new Jalie Eleonore pull-on stretch jeans...soon to be debuted here.

Other than that, this is what I've been wearing so far, all with links to previously snapped photos:

Pinot Pants

Zsalya top

Kwik Sew rose tunic + Jalie Jeans

Maria Denmark's Kristen Kimono Tee (a definite go-to)

Sewaholic Cambie

No pattern elastic waist skirt - made from a thrifted remnant & never blogged

Butterick retro flowered blouse

Purple soft cardi

And my newest Sutton Blouse!

How has everyone's Me Made May been going? I have been enjoying other posts and pictures, and hope that it's been fun so far for all particpating.

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