Jalie's Eleonore Jeans

11:08 AM

Pattern Review weekend is nearly here! Eeeek! As it is my first time going, I'm feeling pretty excited about spending a weekend with other people who are as obsessed by sewing as I am... and I'm sure my non-sewing friends will be glad for a break :)

As part of #PRW2016 the communal pattern chosen was the Jalie Eleonore pull-on jean. Since it was easily available in pdf form, I quickly bought it and went shopping. The other element of this group project was to make these jeans in red. So when I found a cotton/linen/spandex mix on the sale table (for $3/m!) I bought it.

Then I washed it, and found out why it was on the sale table...it bled and bled. 8 washes later, I said good enough, and will just wash these alone by hand every time I need to in future! Other than that, the fabric is great - nice stretch and a nice linen-y feel.

this is such a weird angle! I don't know how my leg seems to have folded like a paper doll...

This pattern is really straightforward. Easy to trace out - I used size X for the body, and then curved into a smaller W at the waist -- my inseam is so short it ended up at size P! But it was easy to adjust. You might note that these pants relaxed a little since I sewed them, and now I think I might have to hem them up by another 3/4" or so...maybe I will.

The pockets were interesting - I tried out a few of my Janome's decorative stitches for the first time. I went with the starburst stitch, even if it doesn't stand out much due to the matching thread. That's okay because no-one's going to get a look look at them anyhow...except for you and the internet. I had to topstitch a double line as I was too far from the edge the first go- in this case it is great that the thread blends in.

These were really comfy to wear, and they are really fun, too. Eye-searing red for the win! I would never have tried a pair of pants if not for the impetus of PR Weekend to influence my pattern purchase. And I certainly wouldn't have chosen tomato red for my first try :)

But I love them and I see how I will get a lot of wear out of these. I am going to make others in other colours -- I can't wear RTW capris in the summer as the length of them makes them look more like flood pants on me, so now I have the power to make some of my own! Not too bad for my first try at wearable-in-public pants. I'll wear them in public -- with long shirts but still. A change for me!

random shoe shot

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  1. LOVE the jeans! I am having jeans envy right now.

    1. Haha! This pattern is very easy - you could try it out and I'm sure it would look great on you.

  2. I love the red jeans. Have a great time at the meet up. Trish

  3. These look awesome. Congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone. Hope you enjoy the PR weekend.

    1. Thank you! They are certainly bright & eye-catching -- although in a crowd of 20 other women wearing the same you don't stand out too much ;)

  4. Nice job with these pull on jeans! I hope you enjoyed the PR Weekend!

    1. Thanks Linda!I sure did. Will be sharing a bit from it soon, as well.


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