Monday, December 28, 2015

2015: A Stitcher's Roundup

This year I sewed fairly steadily, with some slight sewing slumps along the way -- most notably for the past few weeks! But I made some interesting things, tried some new techniques, and ended up buying WAY too much fabric even though I was trying to use up what I already have. Now my chore is to tidy and organize it all into usable stacks.

Looking back over my makes this year, I do have some favourites. And there are a few things I just haven't worn.

Part of the reasons behind most of the unworn items is that I have to go back and fix something, usually something pretty minor -- but I find it so hard to "mend" something once I'm done. Sigh. There are a couple of items that I don't wear, though, because they did not turn out well -- the fit is off or I just don't like them. I've passed a couple of them on, but I still have hopes I can fix a couple of them and start wearing them.

 Here is my yearly roundup --

My Floral dresses

 The Rest of the Dresses

Various Tops

The odd ones out!

Once again, I've mainly sewn dresses. And they make up most of my favourites too. This year found me sewing a lot of florals, with a few other patterns making an appearance -- not too many solids in my wardrobe! I really like most of my makes this year.

I find that making dresses is still my favourite thing to do, and when I tell myself that I should make something else for a while, I stall out on sewing altogether. So I need to let myself do what I love :)

Here's to another year of wonderful sewing!


  1. You have made some lovely garments this year Melwyk and I agree with making what you love. This is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby...not work, after all.

    1. Yes indeed! Just like my reading, I like to sew according to mood :)

  2. Even if you had purchased everything, there would be a few pieces that you would not have worn. And maybe more than a few!
    My favorites are that little blue dress, and the cardigan with the red roses. Here's to a new year of great makes. Happy New Year!!!

    1. That's very true, Rhonda. I have some RTW to give away that I have never worn :( At least in my own sewing that happens much, much less often!

      The red rose cardigan is actually a fooler top, by Kwik Sew -- lots of fun to wear because of that. It's such a nice rayon challis it is also very comfortable.

      Thanks for your compliments and Happy New Year to you too!


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