Floral Summer Zsalya

8:31 PM

I just made my third version of the Zsalya pattern from Kate and Rose. I think this is a repeat record for me -- making 3 versions of any pattern -- and each of them is quite different.

I started with a little black dress, then made a long-sleeved flannel winter version, and now have come up with a light cotton summer version.

Looking a little washed out... and anxious to escape mosquitoes!

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. One of the best things about remaking a pattern is that you already have all the fitting adjustments made -- it's just lay it out and cut. Nice for a change :) I had a very subdued floral print sheet that I thought would work nicely for this pattern, and I also had some piping that matched the red tones in the print perfectly. Thus was born my summer version.

I used the short sleeve option this time, and chose to use the "clean" finish for the yoke rather than the "quick and dirty" option -- both are detailed clearly in the pattern instructions and both work just fine, but on this one I thought that any extra bulk at the seams might show through the lightweight fabric, so chose the clean finish.

 Left: the yoke from the inside: clean finish on this version, the Q&D on the purple version
Right: yoke from the outside: you'll notice the clean finish has topstitching, the Q&D does not

I added piping to the neckline, easy since the yoke (front and back) is fully faced. Then as I was about to add piping to the sleeves I had an idea. Instead of adding it at the sleeve edge, I added it to the facing strip, which I sewed to the inside and turned out to the outside, stitching it down along the line of piping. I really like the banded effect it's given this blouse.

This sleeve edging is so cute

It's a comfortable top, and quite easy to put together (especially on the third go-round!) I really love this pattern. The Monthly Stitch has just posted a great interview with the pattern designer, Kati of Kate&Rose, in which I was pleased to find out that the Zsalya is one of her own favourites too :)

I like how the gathers are echoed front and back
This is one of the three tops I made this month in an effort to use up some of my stash. I was moderately successful, considering that I still bought more fabric this month than I used. How does that happen??

In any case, I love my new Zsalya, and I'm sure it's not the last one I'll make. Easy to make and to wear, and with a pretty, folksy feel. Love it.

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  1. I love all 3 of your Zsalyas but with the piping I think this is my fave! Mentally clipping that idea to my inspiration list as I've got my first Zsalya planned too.

    1. Thank you! I will have to keep my eyes open for your version :)

  2. The stash always increases...incrementally and then some more:). This is a pretty top - it's great to find a pattern you like and then to use it again and again. Your dress version was lovely too.

    1. Doesn't it though?!! But it's super fun and one of the vintage remnants I thrifted shows up in my next top... :)

      Thanks for the comment on the dress -- I've worn it a number of times -- it's great for theatre-going

  3. I love the sleeve detail and the soft color of the fabric set off by piping. Really pretty!

    1. Thank you! I was delighted by the exact match of red tones in both.

  4. The details on this top are great! I love a good TNT -- you can then enjoy the sewing and not worry about the fitting!

    1. That's the best thing - once you've made it (and fit it) each time it just gets faster to sew!


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