Thursday, February 27, 2014

Black and White and Red all over

Just getting this posted by the end of the's my February "Make a Garment a Month" project! I'm going to post even though the only pictures I could get were rather blurry phone shots taken in my front hall. Oh well! I am certainly not going outside today in the -30 wind chill for photos ;)

This Kwik Sew 3658 is super easy, as shown in my last post; I made up a 'muslin' and this dress in just a couple of nights. The first try was useful to get the construction figured out, though that only took a read-through of the clear instructions & illustrations, plus a couple of tries with the fabric, and all was set. But it also showed me that it might be a good idea to cut Medium on top and Large at waist to hem, particularly because I wanted a bit of room left to add in some side seam pockets (which I was able to do, using some stash scraps of a black damask - I wanted a woven fabric for the pockets to minimize any stretching in the side seams)

Nice solid pocket!

Cozy dress!
Side View: not too clingy!

Love it! I'm going to try my blue,
yellow, purple, and green tights too!
Not all at the same time...

The only thing I noticed was that the stitching at the v of the neckline started coming loose -- the neckline is a bit low so that is dangerous...remember to backstitch carefully at that seamline because there is quite a bit of stretch-pressure put on that point while wearing. I'm going to handstitch it up again from the back/inside, about an inch to make it a little more reliable.

Otherwise, this was a really fun project, and the fabric was a perfect choice. It's soft and warm, and this dress is extremely comfortable to wear. The weight of the fabric also made the collar stand up nicely, though I've folded it down a bit in the picture above. I'm pleased with this one.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous. Love it.

  2. Lovely dress looks stylish yet comfiest. Love the print. Sounds so easy I may have to try this pattern

    1. It is so easy to sew this pattern, and I think the result is very worth it. Looks much more stylish that you'd expect for such a quick sew.

  3. Perfect match of fabric and pattern! Looks lovely!

    1. Thanks! I did think that the fabric was just perfect, and I'm glad it worked out so nicely. Perfect weight & stretch.


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