Tuesday, July 2, 2024

July Sewing Plans!


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

It's July already! In June I spent most of my sewing time doing some mending and looking through patterns and fabric. I didn't make a thing! 

I had thought about making some button up blouses in June and pulled a lot of potential matches to do that, but I just wasn't feeling it. My sewjo was gone. So in July I'm just going to sew what I feel like sewing, which is (no surprise) some dresses! 

I really enjoy sewing summer dresses so why try to do something else that feels like a chore. I have some lovely fabrics to use and tons of dress patterns I want to try. My ideas so far are: 

The Xanthe by Style Arc: I like the pintuck features and would make the short sleeved version. I have a yellow fabric with a faint white print that might work, and still let the pintucks stay visible. 

Burda 115-05-2023: this is on my Make Nine List for this year, and I have a bright green linen set aside for it. Another loose summer dress with pintucks, this also has fun side panel pockets. 

Lacey Dress by Style Arc: I've already made this twice and wear both versions a lot! I have a fun stripey print rayon in my stash, turquoise with a red print, and think it would be a great fit for another Lacey. 

I'm thinking that Vogue 8811 might be a nice dress to try out, I've had the pattern forever. I like the simple lines of this one. I have a few cotton prints that might fit well with this design.

There are also a couple of vintage late 70s & mid 80s patterns in my stash that I've thrifted over the last while, both short sleeve, full skirt, elastic waistline styles that I think would be easy wearing. If I feel vintagey I might try one of those. 

Deciding to just make what I love has broken my sewing block and now I feel ready to get back to the table and sew up some more dresses for my collection! What do you love sewing?


  1. Hi Melanie, I agree with your thoughts, make something you love sewing to get you mojo back! I have had a lot going on, and don't really think I will get to sewing until August, but I have shirts cut out ready to go. Except I want to hack my favourite patterns and do something different with them, not get more patterns. Because I do love shirts!

    1. Hacking is a great idea. That will get the creativity flowing again. I have so many patterns that I should really start doing the same instead of buying new.


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