Sunday, June 9, 2024

Weekend Review: Text It!


Text It! / Sherri Noel
Bothell, WA: Martingale, c2019.
64 p.

This is a cute book, a great addition to the books I've been reading about adding text to fabric projects. It incorporates fusible applique, needle-turn and wool applique, and bias binding lettering, as well as ideas on how to use hexies as lettering (ie: like pixels). It provides a few projects for each one as well, incorporating quilting patterns alongside ideas on how to add text. There is also a pattern sheet for 7 distinct alphabets tucked in the back, if you want to trace some lettering for the projects (at the size required).

It's a smaller book but is bright and cheerful, with a sense of humour in some of the projects, and nice ideas, from simple (like a throw pillow) to more time-consuming (like a wedding quilt). One of my favourite projects is the infinity quilt on the cover. It's an unusual design and really graphic and pleasing. She includes both the whole quilt pattern and a smaller pillow sized one to add to the quilt project, or just to make on its own. 

The cover shows fusible applique (on the infinity quilt), wool applique (pillow) and bias lettering (the home pillow) so you can see a variety of techniques right off the bat. I thought it was well designed and laid out, with quite a few options to try and see which one strikes you best. I am most intrigued by the bias tape lettering, it gives a cursive effect that I really like. And the use of hexies was a fresh approach with a neat visual effect. I can see how this could be used to make modern styled projects. 

I enjoyed this one and could see using these techniques in a variety of ways. Definitely a fun one to read through and learn from!

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