Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Travelling and Stitching

I wasn't posting much over the last week as I was out gallivanting -- I made a flying visit to see my parents and had a very busy week! But in the midst of all the visiting and such, I also learned something new. My mom is an expert crocheter, and has tried to teach me in the past. I asked for more lessons, and this time it took. I started with the basic stitches 

Then I moved on to trying a granny square 

This was extremely basic for my Mom, but I felt very accomplished when I had finished! Now I really want to learn more about this craft. 

We also stopped in to a quilt shop when we visited Canmore, as recommended by my Mom, who is also a quilter. The Sugar Pine Company had quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing supplies, needle felting and more. It was a fun chance to look around at such a variety of things, but knowing I had limited space to carry things home, I settled on a yard of text print fabric and a Purple Thang, which I've always wanted ;) 

Do you try to fit in craftiness when you travel? I sure do, and I'm so glad that my Mom and I can shop and learn together, too!

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