Friday, June 28, 2024

A Blue Mood for Mend Day

I have a strange resistance to fixing something after it's done & in the closet. While I am making it, no problem to rip a seam & do something over or shorten something a little more. But if I have "finished" something I don't want to go back to do those same little fixes!

But I do want to be comfortable wearing what I make so this week I did go back & do a few minor repairs to pieces which all happened to be blue!

First I had this blue linen Rush Hour Dress by Lisette. I love this one. The issue was the back walking slit. The lining was stitched to the edges of the slit but it was pulling it, making it uneven & a bit puckered. This fix took about 10 minutes - I unpicked the lining around the slit, repinned it while the dress was hanging to avoid fabric gathering & restitched it. Done & now perfect.

Next was not a mend but it was a kind of fix. Ever since I made the Style 1065 top last year I have wanted to put shoulder pads in. I made this top with fabric from an upcycled dress & knew I had kept the original small shoulder pads somewhere! I finally found them & added them to the top & I think it improves the fit a lot, at least I like it more.

And last is a  top I made recently, Burda 109 from the August 2021 issue. The problem here was length. I had added an inch when I made it but it was just too long. I wanted it to sit on my hip, so I tested a few lengths then made the chop & picked one! I like it much better even with just one inch of difference.

 And now I can wear all of these more comfortably knowing they are just right. 


  1. Mending can be so satisfying!

    If I were you, I'd embroider a little triangle at the top of the slit in the skirt. Maybe 75 years ago, as my brother polished brand new shoes, I asked him why he was polishing them when he hadn't ever worn them. He replied "A stitch in time saves nine." I asked him, "Nine what?" He replied, "Stitches."

    1. Yes, getting things wearable again is so satisfying! I like your idea about reinforcing the slit. I think I'll do that soon.


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