Friday, February 2, 2024

February Sewing & Challenges!


It's February already, and I have lots of sewing plans for the month. There are some regular sewing challenges that I'm planning to join in on, as well as some of my own sewing plans to come. 

I always love the #BHMPatternDesigners Challenge! It's hosted mainly on IG but you can find all the details and links to many designers, and the challenge sponsors and their February discounts, on the BHMPD website now, as well. 

I've made a few different items for this challenge over the years (even won a prize one year!) but this year I think I've decided to make the Nikki Blazer by Style Sew Me which I bought in 2022. Sadly, this shop is now closed but I have the pattern so will go for it. I'm really loving fitted jackets lately. I've even put this pattern on my MakeNine for this year, for extra incentive! I have two potential fabrics in my stash that I am wavering between. Now I will have to decide... 

Another pattern that I haven't bought yet but am very tempted by is the Ada Peplum top by Duana Studio. The sleeve, with its button detail, is so cute! 

And I really love so many of the patterns found at Les Lubies de Cadia like the Girna dress or the most recent Lysiane blouse. Swoon! 

Another focus of my sewing this month is due to an unhappy anniversary coming up. February 24 will mark the second year of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is still going on, and still as awful as ever. I don't want to lose sight of that. 

I'm planning to continue my search for the perfect base for my own Vyshyvanka by making up the Poppy Blouse by PatternScout OR New Look 6704 this month. I want to make the basic pattern up to see if I like the fit and style enough to spend some hours embroidering it. I like my recent ITS Palermo but not 100% sold on it as a Vyshyvanka base yet... 

And I also want to make another project from my MakeNine list, Burda 6354 as a colour blocked top in blue and yellow. 

I think that this will give me lots to work on this month, alongside some art projects I'm starting to get stuck into! We'll see how it goes. Although I do have an extra day this year ;) 


  1. Hi Melanie, what patience you have, searching for the perfect Vyshyvanka base. But so understandable when you are putting all the effort in with embroidery. I really like the look of the Lysiane blouse. In the right fabric you can already feel it swooshing as you walk.
    I think sew alongs and challenges are great because they make you think outside the box - just like the LSC! I am currently taking part in an ASG sew along to create and make a Vionnet style skirt. I had no idea of the maths involved! Which makes it a challenge.

    1. Thanks so much - yes, the base is important if I am going to spend a lot of time embroidering as well! And I also feel like the Lysiane blouse would swoosh very nicely :)

      I can't imagine making a Vionnet skirt -- so much figuring out and precise cutting! Good luck with it, you have my admiration.


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