Sunday, October 15, 2023

Weekend Review: Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion

Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion / Rachel Low
Lafayette, CA: C&T, c2015.
160 p.

This is a very cute book aimed at preteens who are interested in fashion and making their own wardrobes. It's really fun and lively, with lots of bright photos -- of girls who actually look the same age as the intended audience -- and accessible projects. 

It's written by a woman who teaches sewing to kids, and this experience shows. The projects are clearly explained, with lots of step by step and diagrams for them. The projects are fairly easy, too, but will allow young enthusiasts to make something good enough to encourage them to continue. No simple pillowcases here! The structure of the book is also great. It starts out explaining fabrics, measurements, and sewing tools, as well as encouraging young creatives to make mood boards for their designs. 

The projects are collected into sections for different parts of life, for example, "Back to School" includes a ruffly skirt, cardigan and pencil case. It even suggests trying things like stenciling stars onto plain tights for a more exciting fashion statement. 

It then moves on to "Fun With Friends" (leggings, jewellry, shoe painting) and "Slumber Party" (jammies, obvs), "Rockin' Summer" (sundress, hairband, flipflop glam) and "Going to A Party" (fancy shift, tie on collars, shoe clips, purses). The layout makes sense for young and excitable makers -- what do you want to make, and for what occasion? Here are some ideas!

The tone of the book is encouraging, never talking down to kids or over their heads, but also clearly believing that they can accomplish these projects. The projects are doable in small time increments, so hopefully makers won't be bored or distracted before they finish something, but are also wearable and very customizable. I would have loved this book when I was that age and first interested in how to make my own wardrobe items. It's a bit of an older book but I just found it via my library, and was impressed with it. A colourful and cheerful read for any young girl wanting to sew with her friends. 

*caveat: it really is for girls, as the title states, all the projects are ones that young girly girls would be inclined to want to make. Lots of frills and dresses and accessories. If that's what you are looking for, you've found a great source. 

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