Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wiksten Red Shift

I bought the Wiksten Shift pattern just before the Wiksten shop closed. I'd seen it around forever, and put off buying it, but was a total vicitim of FOMO and picked it up at the last minute. 

So I thought I had better make a version of it! I have had this red geometric print rayon in my stash for ages, and thought it might be a nice match. Not very many seams to worry about matching up here!

I made the knee length view with patch pockets. It's a pretty easy project, with a front and back, a neck facing that is stitched down, patch pockets and a sash. In rayon it took a bit longer because of the nature of the fabric; lots of wiggly bits to pin carefully. 

I like it -- the gathered back yoke is a nice feature which also adds a bit of extra width across the hips, so it fits me quite well in a 10/12 blend. I kind of wish I would have added an extra inch to the bottom to compensate for when the belt is tied and the dress is drawn up, but it's okay as is. 

It's very soft and comfy in rayon, and I had the perfect jewellry to go with it. I'm finding that I like red more lately, and so had to use this and get it out of my stash. 

A funny note; I was listening to an excellent audiobook, What You Can See From Here by Mariana Leky while sewing this dress, and now it feels like this dress is linked to a rural German village. Does that ever happen to you? Does the piece of music or the audiobook you're listening to 'stick' to your project?

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