Thursday, July 20, 2023

Biscornu aka Pincushion

When I was at the SAQA Conference in Toronto at the end of April, we had one night in which a few people got together to play some rousing games of Bananagrams - if you haven't tried this game before, it's like a quick moving Scrabble, and a lot of fun. A couple of the participants had brought along some little prizes for the winners of each round, which was unexpected and entertaining. Some of them were jokey prizes and some were more sewing related. 

I won one of the last rounds at my table, and so won the materials for this lovely little biscornu. A biscornu is a pincushion made of two squares, turned on point to one another then sewn and stuffed. I've only seen them as embroidery projects before, but this is one that is a quick & easy version using two interesting prints. The sparkly pins were even included! 

I finally got around to stitching this project up, even though the conference was a couple of months ago ;) I had to find some stuffing to fill it with! It didn't take too much time - the steps are straightforward. 

Turn the squares and pin them with one point in the middle of each flat side.

Sew up 7 of the 8 sides.

Turn inside out and stuff.

Close up the opening you left to stuff it.

Sew a button right through the centre to give it that bouncy silhouette. 

Put pins in it! 


  1. Interesting way to use up fabric scraps to use as gifts for that hard to buy for sewist.


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