Thursday, November 17, 2022

Roundup of Interesting Things

 I've been doing some sewing the last little while, as you might have noticed from my last post about projects underway; sadly I can't share anything I've finished this week quite yet as they are both for other things right now. 

But I can share some of the interesting things I've been reading and watching and seeing around the online world! I have found that I've been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts while sewing, and they are 95% sewing/fashion ones -- probably the usual suspects, like Here We Sew Again, PunkFrockers, Check Your Thread, UnCut, Stitch Please, Stitchery Stories, and the Dressed Podcast, among others -- but if you haven't checked these ones out they are all a lot of fun to catch up on. I've also been listening to UkrainianSpaces, a fabulous Ukrainian based podcast (in English) in which the two hosts interview tons of people on a huge range of topics to do with Ukraine, colonialism and much more. So good. 

Talking of Ukraine, through some other podcasts I've discovered some projects people have put together to support Ukrainian refugees. One of these is a cute crochet amigurumi Bear that a Spanish couple designed, to give Ukrainian crocheters a chance to make these and sell them. You can find their info mainly on IG or FB right now, and it looks like orders are via direct message on IG or by email. Look for Amoami.Design. They are quite cute. 

Those of you who were following along with my Peace for Ukraine stitching project this fall might like to know that the designer of that project, Embroidery Art by Nat, is now a refugee herself; she and her husband and cats have left Ukraine and are currently living in Poland while they wait for applications to come to Canada to go through. She asks anyone who can help to join her Patreon, as that is their sole income right now. If you're interested, there are many cool patterns and perks in her Patreon subscription offering including the Peace for Ukraine pattern.

On a lighter note, I've also been watching some street fashion on YouTube to relax. I randomly discovered this Street Style Paris account and have really been enjoying their short videos. Always fun to see real people and daily style. 

I also just watched this London street style video that gives a tour of the wonderful Gingerbread windows at Harrods/Christian Dior. The video is 30 min. long but I just dragged it to the spot that highlights the windows ;) Pretty amazing. Can you imagine being the person to design and make these elaborate window displays happen? Watch this to kick off your holiday spirit ;)


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