Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Marigold on my Stitchalong

More updates on my #PeaceForUkraineSAL project! This week's element is this cheery bright marigold. It has french knots, satin stitch and split stitch outlines. Once again there is some shading of a deeper colour in the centre of the petals, though it's quite subtle here. I love the effect of it each time it's used. 

There are three bands of colour, all kind of rosy coral pinks. After satin stitching the petals, they are all outlined using single strand split stitch. I find split stitch a bit wobbly but when I switch to split backstitch I get neater stitches and better curved lines. Either one is fine, I just find backstitch easier! (what's the difference between them? Great explanation at Needle N Thread)

The inner petals are done in the lighter yellow of the wheat stalks but when I got to the outer rings and the darker pink, I decided to switch to the slightly darker yellow that I used for the french knots in the centre of the marigold. I like the definition this gives, and it also makes the back layer of petals recede a little visually, which I feel has a bit more of a 3D effect. 


This element was actually pretty easy to complete, as it was mainly a lot of satin stitch, which I find quite easy to do. My french knots are getting better with all this practice too! Don't forget that this pattern can be found at the designer's website, Embroidery Art by Nat, and is a Ukraine fundraiser. You can find so many of her other beautiful designs there as well! 

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