Friday, July 8, 2022

Simplicity 9115: Tunic View

This week I'm returning with Simplicity 9115, but a different view! This is the matching tunic to go with the skirt I made first, also from this same upcycled sheet. 

Close up so you can see the interesting weave

This was a bit fussier to make than the skirt; there are princess seams, a slit in the front left seam, sleeve facings and a back zip to fit in. However, it's not that hard at all, just the sizing bits were the most time consuming. 

I took 2" out of the length (I am only barely 5'2" after all) and cut the neckline & bust at 16, grading out to 18 at the hips. I lowered the top of the slit in the front seam by 1" to have more coverage since my torso is short -- this is basically the same construction as a kick pleat in a skirt, so there is an overlap of fabric, but still. 

I didn't really change anything else about it. I used the short sleeve view and made the hem a bit narrower to preserve the length I liked (just a 1/2" hem rather than 1 1/4").

Fortunately I found the perfect matching zip in my stash. It was a vintage zip in 'cornflower' yellow, perfect for this top. It called for a 9" zip; this was 12" but that was good enough, there is lots of length in this back seam so I didn't bother going to the trouble of shortening the zip. I almost got the subtle lines of the square print matched up exactly, they are just a hair off. But it's so subtle I wasn't going to try again - this fabric doesn't like needle holes so I didn't want to overwork it. 

I worked away at this over a few nights, doing a bit each night, and found that it was pretty clear sailing. This will obviously have the matching skirt I made but also looks great with a denim skirt. I'm thinking I'll need to make some loose summer trousers or culottes now too! I feel like I've got good value from this pattern so far :) 


  1. Love the top, and what a clever design feature having the left front slit. So much more comfortable when sitting being a longer top. Beautifully made, again.
    ... Sara

    1. Yes, the slit is a great design feature for sitting -- I wasn't getting the creases from sitting that often arise. Really comfortable to wear!


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