Friday, June 24, 2022

Swaps & Plans!

I had two guild meetings this month that were the last of the season - one for my local Garment Guild and the other for the quilt club I belong to even though I don't really make traditional quilts ;)

Both meetings were swap meets. We were able to bring fabric, patterns or notions and take something new home instead. I was restraining myself - my goal lately is to reduce my stash, not add to it! Still, having taken 35 m. to give away, I felt okay about bringing home 4 m. from the first night and 5 from the next. 

At the Garment Guild swap, I only took two pieces:

First, this soft double sided knit. I'm thinking either a cardi or a dolman sleeve 80s tee. Depends on which pattern fits!

And then I claimed this stretch cotton sateen; I have nearly exactly the same print in a rayon! This might be destined for a slouchy blazer. 

The next night, at the quilt guild, I wasn't planning on taking anything. But I found this length of narrow cotton and was challenged to make a garment from it ;) I'm thinking this Simplicity 8014 shirt dress, in view C or D with minimal seamlines.

Pen for scale

Finally, I took one small piece of cotton because the print was perfect for backing a small space-themed wall quilt I'm currently working on. I'll have lots left for other quilt backs as needed, too. 

So I am pleased with what I brought home. I like all of the fabrics a lot and have plans for them. That's the kind of stash building I want to do. 


  1. Intrigued to see what’s going to come out of my swapped fabric!

  2. Darn, guess I’m anonymous on my iPad, LindaV here!


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