Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Cobalt Cropped Blazer: Vogue 8612

I've finished the first piece from my Spring sewing plans! This Vogue 8612 from 1993 was one I picked up at the thrift store specifically for the jacket. I doubt I'll make the jumpsuit, although the outfit as a whole is pretty cute! 

It's a particularly thrifty make: not only did I get the pattern at a thrift store but I picked up the wool gabardine via Our Social Fabric, an online thrift shop based in Vancouver. I didn't have quite enough blue fabric for the facings so used some black wool I'd picked up at a local thrift store. I was finally able to pair up a fabulous silky lining fabric I also found at Goodwill. I decided to use a covered button to finish it off -- also from a set from the thrift store! 

I enjoyed making this one a lot. I had to shorten the sleeves by 3" (short arms here!) and I shortened the body by 1", 1/2" above the bust and 1/2" below. If I make it again I won't shorten under, just above the bust point. The great thing about wool is that you can press out any bobbles pretty easily. Some steam and a bit of pressure (with press cloth) got those edges nice and tidy. 

Other changes I made: 

Added a 1/2" inch ease pleat to the centre back lining. While this jacket isn't super fitted, I do like to have that excess ease for movement in any jacket that I'll be working in.

I topstitched the edges rather than understitching the lining -- just couldn't see how I'd get a good line of understitching going after putting the shell and lining together. So used my favourite foot, the 1/4" quilting foot, to get a great 1/8" edge stitch. That is probably the most useful extra foot I've purchased. Great for edgestitching, topstitching and of course any random quilt piecing I might do. 

I finished the sleeve a little differently than the pattern called for, as I wanted a narrow hem. Just folded under 1/4" twice and stitched it down. When I move my arms you can get a little glimpse of the lining at the wrist which is pretty fun. 

And I think that's all! Sewing with this wool wasn't hard at all, and I love how I was able to shape the front seams smoothly with a bit of steam. I really love this combo of colours in this blazer and also am happy with my choice to use a matching button. Very pleased with this one. 


  1. A lovely jacket and you are styling it beautifully. Good job!

    1. Thanks, I enjoyed this challenge and am really pleased with the colour (and the contrast lining!)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I am inspired to try a few more blazers in different styles this year :)


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