Friday, January 7, 2022

Make Nine / Use Nine 2022

It's time for a 2022 Make Nine! Even though I only made 4 of the items on last year's Make Nine list, and used 3 of 9 fabrics, I love making these loose plans every January. Planning is half the fun. As always, I consider these as current ideas, but if I change my mind & don't make them it's no big deal.  No pressure!

I really enjoyed making this plan though. It came together quickly, as I am basing it on my wardrobe theme that I developed in the fall. There are jackets, blouses, and fitted dresses, all in the Bold Playful Power Suit theme I'm focusing on now. 

I used the My Body Model croquis for this process; I enjoy seeing how patterns will look on my body and matching them up with one another as well. I tried to choose patterns that I've had on a mental list for a while, and ones that are matched up with fabrics from my stash. It's a combo Make Nine/Use Nine this year! 

After sketching these all out I tested the whole set together and think that it works well as a plan. I have a mix of Big 4, Indie and vintage patterns here. Below they are matched up with the fabrics I've chosen - there are only two that I'm not fully committed to the combo for, but the others are all a definite go.

1. New Look 6525, View A, in a colourful poly knit I picked up last fall. 

2. New Look 6598 in a linen-rayon blend. You can't really tell but this black fabric has a bit of shimmer to it. 

3. Simplicity 8014, View C/D, in a cotton print I bought from Fabricville online last year and have been dithering over the right project ever since. I think this minimal seamed shirt dress is it.

4. Perth Top/Dress by Carolyn & Cassie. Not sure if I'll make this as a top or dress. If a top, I'll use this scrap rayon from my stash that would look cute with the next pattern.

5. Vogue 8612. This is a pattern from 1993 that I thrifted a while back. The short jacket is perfect for some cobalt wool I bought from the online thrift shop, Our Social Fabric, in Vancouver.

6. Bianca Bolero/Shrug by Sinclair Patterns, in a floral lace knit. 

7. Butterick 3978. Another thrifted pattern, this is one that I'm not sure I should make in this pink silk noil or use a yellow cotton also in my stash. Hmmmm. 

8. See & Sew 5766. A thrifted pattern with a cool little jacket that I want to make in this giant floral home dec canvas. 

9. Butterick 6488, View A. This cobalt rayon will be perfect for this front ruffle blouse that I'd better make while it's still on trend. 

Anyhow, that's my Make/Use Nine for this year. I'm not counting the projects I already have underway, which include a green skirt to match my recent jacket and a short Burda jacket to match my checkerboard skirt from last year. Once those two are done I'll start on these Make Nine projects! 


  1. Mike nine, use nine seems like a good goal to have.

    1. I think it's a good amount to take on -- likely to be able to do this much.

  2. I like the way you approach the Make Nine. I always have big plans that get started them fizzle out but I love the planning and the dreaming.

    1. Yes, I do like the planning but I am also a mood sewer so I don't want to force myself to stick to anything if I change my mind!

  3. What a well organised plan! I should incorporate this sort of making plan in my 'ZW intensive' this year. Not only focus on the resources available to read and study.
    I did try to post (unsuccesfully) to a previous post when you asked if I had heard of Liz Haywood, the ZW designer. The following was my reply :
    Yes! I have her book and get the monthly newsletters, which always make me smile. The dress I made for the last LSC was one of her patterns! I have made a couple of others very successfully which I purchased from her Etsy shop. Liz is very unique, in that she is able to design ZW patterns in an enormous size range - 19 sizes!! (at least 12).

    What I wonder is, how do you find books from other cultures about pattern designs? All our books have a western viewpoint, apart from Japanese books. I was introduced to other European designers through comments/links you have made over the years, Wattle Patterns comes to mind. Although contemporary patterns are not zero waste in intention, understanding construction concepts of ZW should mean some patterns can be adapted.
    The Frieda Kahlo exhibition at V&A displayed the huipils which she wore, and I have been able to research her and the huipil quite a bit. 'Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress - Frida's Wardrobe' is an absolutely beautiful book I get through the library. I recently made a huipil with the Alice & Co free pattern via V&A.


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