Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Quick scarf making!

I picked up a piece of checked wool at the thrift store (marked at 1.5 yards though it's a bit more) the last time I was there -- it was on sale for $1.63 with the daily discount so how could I say no? It was really nice, and I was sure I could make something from it. 

When I got it home and held it up to myself, I realized that the check was much more square and boxy than I'd anticipated - close up it had a houndstooth vibe but in large view it's really just a mixed check. I wondered what I could do with it. I felt that the print was too blocky to really work as a skirt, and the weight was too stiff/dense for a top... 

As I was pondering my husband wandered by and said, that would make a nice scarf. Bing! The lights went on. This fabric really is perfect for a classy scarf to go with his dress coat. There is exactly 5 feet of length, perfect for a simple scarf, and it is 60" wide. So I cut it into half and half again to get basically a long quarter strip of 15"wide and 5' long. 

Then came the edge finishing. I wondered about what would be best, since there are no woven edges here! I looked up a few ideas, like this tutorial on Threads, and then just went ahead and tested a narrow hem all around. The tricky part was mitering the corners so there would be no lumps. 

You could also fringe the ends for a bit if you like that look, but because this one is trying to be a sleek dress scarf, and it's a bit short for fringe, I didn't go for that this time. 

I'm quite pleased with it. To wear it, it's best to fold it lengthwise and wrap around the neck. Sits smoothly and it's really warm! 


  1. Great discussion on the 'houndstooth' design. So often fabrics look a little different close up, and can result in us needing to rethink our plans. But on top of that, I really love the way you have chosen for the scarf to be worn, or tied. It looks so neat!

    1. Thanks Sara! It's interesting how fabric does change our plans sometimes. I'm very happy with how it worked out though :)


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