Sunday, October 17, 2021

Weekend Review: Wear, Repair, Repurpose


Wear, Repair, Repurpose / Lily Fulop
NY: Countryman Press, c2020
160 p.

This cute little book about mending was published last year, alongside a bunch of other mending books now that it's becoming a trend. But this one is a fun one by a young instagrammer (@mindful_mending) and is clearly aimed at those really new to the idea. 

It has sections on visible mending, darning, patching, basics like sewing on a button or repairing a split seam, and starts with an overview of techniques (including standard embroidery stitches) and basic tools needed. It's clear, simple, and not overwhelming for someone totally new to the sewing world. The layout is also good -- attractively designed, with coloured text blocks and good illustrations and clear photos. The images aren't necessarily gorgeous and styled but I like them more for their everydayness. 

The second section of the book is more about repurposing/upcycling. This is more unusual, and it's fun. She covers projects like rag rugs, patchwork pillows, applique, knitting/crocheting and even latch hooking. This section starts by showing readers how to make t-shirt yarn out of worn out clothes and then use them for these projects. A bath mat from latch hooked t-shirt yarn sounds really great, actually - very washable and so soft on the feet! There are also tiny projects like how to use t-shirt yarn to make pompoms and tassels, and she recommends checking online for more ideas and techniques too. 

It's a very relaxed book, with a casual, friendly tone, and will probably appeal to those new to the concept of remaking and mending. There is discussion of sustainability and fast fashion, and how the author came to this field, and that also adds to the appeal of the book. If you already sew or have read a lot in this area there'll be not much new to add here -- this is a basic intro for younger beginners. It's not an in-depth hand-holding instructional, rather it's more of an overview and an introduction to possibilities for mending and upcycling and why you should care about it. I found it a quick read with some interesting content!

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