Friday, July 2, 2021

It's Curtains For These Lounge Pants

I'm continuing along with my Creative Bug sewalong schedule, just running a touch behind but have caught up with these wide leg pants! 

I'm not a big pant wearer, as I have mentioned before. But I enjoyed the process of measuring and plotting out the relevant points to end up with a pattern for wide leg elastic waist summer trousers.

They don't have to be wide leg, you can decide on the width and ease but I am happy with the straight leg shape here. 

I am still NOT happy with the rise -- despite my measurements I still find this waistband too low for my preferences. I can certainly wear these, and the overall fit is really quite nice. But I am planning to add an inch to the front rise and at least another inch & a half to the back rise so that they sit more on my natural waist and don't fit too closely in the crotch area. I hope it will work! 

For now, I made my first fitting trial from a pair of old curtains. They are a crisp cotton, and make me think of hippie style beach pajamas. I was very careful to line up the diamond motifs down the front of each leg. Which left flowers in an unfortunate spot!! Good thing these are only a trial that might get wear around the house. I also added in basic side seam pockets, of course, just in case these were wearable. 

I enjoyed this whole process, and while I didn't get a perfect fit, I understand the relationship between measurements better now and will make some adjustments. Looking forward to learning more in the next lesson. 


  1. Your pants are really cute! Maybe you could remove the current waistband and add a wide knit waist area, as some pants are nowadays; that might give you the additional length you want.

    1. That is a great idea! I think I may try that.

  2. They look summery and comfortable! You could always add back pockets if you want to wear them out and about but dislike the motif placement.


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