Tuesday, June 15, 2021

My Peppermint Pocket Skirt

Another skirt for my summer capsule -- this is one I've been wanting to make for a while now. It's the free Peppermint Pocket skirt that so many others have already made! 

I love the oversize pockets & the relaxed vibe of it. But I don't entirely love it on me. I'm not sure if it's slightly too long or the waist sits too high, but it's not a homerun on me.

But, it certainly is comfy. I love the flow of it, and this linen that I have had in the stash for YEARS is super soft and swishy to wear. 

I tried it on and found that the feature pockets were just too much for my shorter frame -- they kind of looked like saddle bags. So I looked around on Instagram a bit at other versions by short sewists & found a look I liked. Someone else had just tacked down the centre of the pocket with a button. No buttonholes needed, as half the pocket is still big enough to get your hand into! 😄

So I searched in my button stash & found the perfect lightweight neutral toned buttons & added them, and that made all the difference. I love the pockets this way.

I took the first batch of photos paired with my recent bow blouse with bow detached (more on that later) I think a shorter & more streamlined top may work better for this one. I will test it with my next capsule project, the Edith Blouse. 

Anyhow, this is a nice pattern with fun details, really quick and easy to sew. It feels lovely on even if I am not sure about the silhouette.  Will have to figure out a good pairing. I'll be finished this planned capsule soon and then on to my favourite thing -- more dresses!


  1. I have this pattern and yet to sew it. I am short also and for me that length never looks good on me. I find that wearing it slightly below the kneecap works better. I like the skirt style and was drawn to this by so many reviews of it. Glad you posted about this pattern.

    1. Good point -- I do like some longer skirts but they are usually dresses with higher waists. Maybe taking another inch off the bottom would balance this better. I'll pin it up and see! Thanks for the idea.

  2. The skirt looks really nice on you. I am confused about the patterns from Peppermint. They are A4 size and I am in the United States--I don't think we have that size so I can't use them.


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