Sunday, May 9, 2021

Weekend Review: Sew Beautiful


Sew Beautiful / Kennis Wong
Salem, MA: Page St Publishing, c2020.
152 p.

I bought this book when it was newly released because I like the Itch to Stitch patterns I've already made and knew I'd most likely use this book, too. I haven't yet made one of the patterns, but I have the Mornington Dress (on the cover) in my queue for this summer's wardrobe. 

The book contains 8 patterns, of a variety of shapes and types of clothing, in knit and woven. The instructions are done as thoroughly as her regular patterns are -- lots of step by step and illustrations. And there are lots of photo images for each pattern as well. Just as with her website and online presence, the photos are taken by her husband. What a team! 

This is a well produced, professional book that I think would work for the newer sewist who wants to go a bit beyond just tanks or boxy tops. All the patterns are included in the back of the book for tracing off; the pages are a bit crowded, but each size line (0 - 20) is in a different colour, and all pieces for one project are on the same page. Hopefully that will reduce any confusion! The size range runs from 00 to 20 (up to bust size 46”/117 cm and hip size 48”/122 cm)

The patterns included are all highlighted on her website (in fact, check out her page for the book for all sorts of information and photos of each project, too).

I think you could make a nice capsule wardrobe with the pieces in this book, and none of them are super difficult either. For beginners, there is a short section at the front of the book on basic sewing information like altering the pattern, choosing fabric, seam finishes, etc. All of that is fully illustrated, just like the patterns. All in all, this is a stylish book that would appeal to new and experienced sewists alike. 


  1. Thanks very much for this review. I have now purchased this book because of your great write up


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