Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Everyday Dress in Medallion Print for #FrugalFrocks

When I saw an announcement for a sewalong challenge on IG called #FrugalFrocks2021, I knew it was one for me! I love dresses, and I love sewing frugally. The challenge was to take a free dress pattern, and match it with a fabric from your stash, and then reveal your make on March 31. I'll be sharing the project tomorrow on IG; blog readers get an advance view ;) 

I have quite a number of free dress patterns in my stash. I looked through a bunch of them, but ended up returning to the Everyday Dress by In The Folds for Peppermint Magazine. I had already traced this one last year and it was ready to go. I considered the Himari Dress by Love Sewing magazine, which I also have traced out. I also thought about making another Orla Dress. And I looked at the four or five dress downloads from Mood Sewciety that I have in my queue...and the handful from Fabrics-store.com. But when I found this medallion fabric in the deep stash I knew it would have to be the Everyday Dress.

Windy bright days don't equal ideal photo conditions ;) But they are lovely.

The fabric has a crisper hand -- it's like a medium weight fabric you might use for curtains or a pillow cover. But it also had the feel and look I wanted so I just went for it! Thankfully it turned out well; the fabric holds the shape of the dress in a way that I like (a soft linen makes this dress look too droopy for my personal tastes). It's also pretty, with turquoise, darker blue, mauve and gold in the print. 

The pattern itself is a pretty quick and easy one. It's theoretically reversible, with a round neck and a v-neck. I like the V neck in front, myself. The pockets went in just in the right spot and the finishing details, both facings at neck and hem, are nicely done. I really like the hem treatment, although it does mean that you'd better know what length you want when you cut it -- you can't really chop off anything at the bottom when you're done. The hem facing is incorporated into the cut fabric, and you just fold and mitre a couple of inches at the end. It gives a neat and tidy finish, especially around the side slits. I'm impressed with it! 

Other than the required shortening of the main pattern pieces prior to cutting, I didn't have to make too many adjustments. I was planning on shortening the sleeve, but since my old fabric was only 45" wide, I wasn't given much choice about how much to shorten them! I cut them as long as possible on this fabric and as it turns out this is the perfect length for my short arms. 

This was a fast sew but a thoughtfully planned one. The pattern has good instructions and a nice finish, as mentioned. I think I may make another in a different type of fabric for a whole other look. I'm so pleased that this sewalong finally gave me the impetus to make this dress, which I downloaded and traced over a year ago. 

Can't wait for a less windy day to wear this! ;)


  1. I like your fabric! Worked great for this dress pattern.

    1. Thanks Linda! I'm happy with it -- it feels very summery to me!

  2. Could you tell me
    What size you chose ?

    1. Hi there, yes, I just went back and checked -- this pattern has sizes 1-5, and I cut a size 3 with no extra grading at the hip like I usually add. Just a straight size 3!


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