Sunday, December 20, 2020

Weekend Review: Half Yard Heaven


Half Yard Heaven / Debbie Shore
Tunbridge Wells, UK: Search Press, c2014
96 p.
If, like most sewists, you have scraps and scraps and scraps in your sewing room, this book gives some fun idea of tiny projects that can use some of those up! While it's intended mostly for quilting cotton scraps, dressmaking fabrics can certainly be used as might even use up some interfacing scraps while reinforcing some of those lighter weight fabrics to use them in these projects. 

The book is laid out very attractively, with 26 projects to choose from. Instructions for each are clearly written, step by step, including a list of required materials at the beginning of each project. There are many clear photos for many of the steps, as well as a picture of the finished item, so you can get a good idea if the project is for you, as well as how involved it is. 

Just a few of the variety of projects included.
 I have my eye on that hanger organizer...

I found some of the projects a bit twee, and not something I might personally make (tissue box cover??) but most of them seem useful and practical - from aprons to slippers to oven mitts, to household items like padded hangers, book covers and a cute chicken doorstop, there is likely to be something interesting for most readers. 

Obviously I found this one interesting!

The projects are mainly made up in sweet quilting prints, lots of florals and pastel bright colours. However, changing that fabric to something more your tastes could totally change the look of the project -- I'm imagining some plaid or darker toned fabrics for a tote bag or neck cushion for a less girly feel, for one thing. 

I think it has some fun ideas to use up those leftover bits, although nothing too unusual is included, there are some solid projects and some great for beginners too. Quite a good book, and apparently just one in a series though I haven't seen any of the others -- this is the only one in my library system! 

Worth a look, I think, especially if you're thinking about clearing out your scrap stash in the new year. 

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