Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A New Fave: Florence!

Part Two of my current Fabricville Blogger project is another Jalie pattern -- this time the Florence Blouse & Dress. I chose to make the blouse length, as this was intended as part of an outfit along with my Fall-worthy Bianca, in the jumper configuration! 

I absolutely love this pattern! After much searching, I chose this black and white cotton (ANGELA cotton print - Stokes - White) from the Fabricville site; it has a bit more body than intended for the Florence, but it's still a fairly thin and malleable cotton -- it's slightly translucent, too: if you look closely you can see the print through the pockets. But it's certainly not a problem. 

I cut Size Y, although I'm size X by measurement -- it's a slight difference but I was really going for the boxy oversize look here. Once I received this fabric I realized that it had an 80s vibe that I hadn't really caught online. So I went with it and increased the oversize effect. I love the collar too. 

I found the perfect buttons for it at my local Fabricland, and got busy on this last week. It's an easy pattern and didn't take much adjustment or fancy sewing! I enjoyed making this one. The plackets are folded over, the collar has an interesting method of attachment, the opposite of what I'm used to, but easy. I also really like the low, curved back yoke and pleat. Because of this extra ease, you don't need to grade between sizes even if you usually do, there's plenty of room as drafted. I'd usually do an X/Y or even a W/Y blend on some Jalies but this one was perfect as it was. 

The only change I made to this was the hem. It called for a 2" hem, but I didn't lengthen this at all, and liked it the way it was prior to hemming. So I just did a narrow 1/4" pressed hem instead. It's the perfect length for my tastes now.

I absolutely love this as a standalone blouse.

And open as a fun, lightweight overshirt. 

And of course as I'd pictured it, under the Bianca as a paired outfit. The only catch here is that the armhole of the Bianca could be 1/2" lower and the Florence a smidge higher to work together optimally, but I'm not complaining. I love them both and adore this black and white print, and the purple corduroy, both available at Fabricville online.

I didn't expect to find such a perfect match of fabric and pattern with this top; but together it's an all 80s hit weekend! I love the fit, the construction, the aesthetic -- everything about this. Another one is definitely in the cards. 


  1. What a versatile pattern! Love the open blouse look over the pinafore. A whole new look.

    1. I love this one! And also how it can be worn in so many different ways. Love a handy pattern like this :)


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