Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Psychedelic Zebra Dress

I've had my eye on a duvet cover that I picked up at a thrift store quite a long time ago. Wondering if I dared make a dress out of the super bright and large print. I finally figured out what would work with this wild fabric, at least theoretically, so gave it a go last weekend.

I magically had the exact orange tone of the print in my vintage bias binding stash, and also a spool of orange thread which matched. So I got busy and started cutting!

I used a Burda envelope pattern, Burda 6322. I made the cap sleeve view, but added length so it is at my knees. If it was even a touch longer I'd have had to add the side slits but as is it works perfectly for walking and sitting.

The major changes I had to make here were to shorten above the waist by a good 1.5", and then add that length back onto the bottom. And I added in some side seam pockets because why not?

I basted it and tried it on to see if I could get away with not installing a zip. I could manage but I didn't look quite right. I ended up taking in 1/2" on either side of the back seam, grading to nothing by the waist, as the neckline was a bit gapey. I forget how wide Burda necklines are for my frame! This helped but the back neckline is also a bit high and so stands away from my neck a bit. If I make this again I'll be lowering the back neckline by at least 1/2" before putting in a zip.

Otherwise this was a quick and fun project and I actually love it! I wondered if the print might be a bit much, but when I tried on the dress, I felt the fitted silhouette balanced the wild print, making it a fun wearable outfit. This duvet cover is also 100% cotton, so I made a matching mask.

I'm definitely sewing less now that I'm back to work and much busier so this quick project was a great boost to my sewjo. I'm excited to try a couple other projects in the queue now.


  1. What an awesome print! It really elevates the simple shape, and the placement is perfect. And matching shoes too!

    1. Thank you! I knew I needed a simple silhouette for this fabric. And I was so lucky to have these orange flats in my closet, which have never matched with anything else yet ;)

  2. super cute! and you pulled it off effortlessly!
    and the pattern on the fabric just works!
    xo eva

  3. Replies
    1. If there are cotton scraps, you gotta make a matching mask ;)


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