Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Terrace Dress, Kaftan Style

I picked up a cotton print last year when my local Fabricland was having a massive moving sale. I have been undecided about which pattern to match it with, but as summer is waning I thought I'd better get a move on!

The print is quite strong, and I wanted to really highlight the graphic feel of it, so finally decided on using the Terrace Dress by Liesl & Co, a dress I've made before with success in large prints.

This time though, I changed it up a little, again. Because it's a very light summer weight cotton, I thought I'd go with the midi/kaftan style that is so trendy right now. I love how the Terrace fits in the bodice so just extended it to mid-calf, and added a slit to the knee on either side seam. I used the plain tie sash from the pattern, and it all worked even better than I'd hoped.

The Terrace is a simple pattern; cut-on sleeve, bias facing at the neck, and turned under sleeve and bottom hem. The fit is perfect for me -- I didn't have to narrow the neckline on this like I usually do with most patterns, and grading out a bit from bodice to hips results in a great fit.

Like with my other two versions, I raised the pocket placement by 2" in order to have the side seam pockets in the right place. And the main alteration in this one was to sew the side slits before folding up a 1" hem. It's a light cotton so I may have to wear a slip on sunny days, but I really like the effect with this graphic print.

And of course, a matching mask is the accessory du jour! (I use the Dhurata Davies free pattern)


  1. Very pretty dress and it looks lovely on you. Versatile too -- casual or dressy.

    1. Thanks! I really love how it turned out 🙂 I agree that it will be a versatile one!


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