Friday, July 24, 2020

Days of Gingham and Roses, or, Butterick 6677

I cut out this Butterick 6677 last summer when I first bought the pattern. I took it off the UFO pile at the beginning of this month, and now I am finally wearing it!

It was a fairly easy sew, except for the flounces! I made View A, the yellow view, and I had a heck of a time with those shoulder flounces. There is SO MUCH HEMMING to do on these, and then I had to figure out how exactly to attach them. I think I should have put them a little further toward the edges of the shoulder, but they are okay. The gingham does turn back on itself and show the wrong side in the flounce, however, so I am glad I used a fabric with a decent back side.

Otherwise the only issues with sewing this was just the shifty rayon. But how could I resist this lovely print? The skirt of this pattern has cut on pockets, which I love, and the shape and finish are really nice. I might flip this skirt onto another bodice in future, that's how much I like the fit.

The back neckline has a slit and button with loop, and while I can put this on over my head without undoing the button, the slit does provide a lot of extra ease for movement which I appreciate. And I found one random little plastic black button in my button jar that fit perfectly with this fabric to use here.

The neck and armholes are finished with bias binding (I used purchased bias tape which might be just a smidge too heavy for the neckline but a good steam press helped to get it to lie down. I was just too lazy to find the leftover scraps of this fabric in my scrap bin to cut self bias -- another problem that comes from leaving a project undone for a year!

Overall I like the end result of this pattern and am happy with the cuteness of the dress. I've been trying to get to some of my unsewn projects this month and I was happy to finish this one up and be able to wear it before the month is out. I hope to get another UFO and some more mending done before the end of summer, too.


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    1. Thanks! I bought this fabric as soon as I saw it, without my usual "think about it" delay -- it is so nice :)


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