Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Sewing Plans for May and beyond

Well, it's almost May and it looks like we still will be inside for the month ahead. I'd hoped that by this time I would have burned through my sewing queue, but everything has been taking me much, much longer to complete. My concentration and focus is way down, as I am sure it is for many others as well.

I am currently working on my own project for my Literary Sewing Circle; the current round closes on Friday so I'll have to post it soon -- but I have been having to redo so much of it as I go. It's nearly done now, though, and so I've been thinking about what I should tackle next. I have so many ideas I thought I should put them in order so I don't spend all my time dithering over what to try next instead of making something!

I only made 2 items this month (aside from various mending and such). So even with all the time I have at home, planning 4 items feels a bit ambitious right now. But plans are more like guidance, so here they are. I didn't realize until I laid these out that I was feeling so blue...

Burda 118 from the April 2020 issue + a floral rayon

Style Arc Lacey dress + a vintage rayon gifted to me ages ago.
 I've made this pattern before but in a heavy cotton
so this should look quite different!
New Look 6340 + floral rayon
Very Easy Vogue 9166 + denim look lightweight cotton (perhaps I
will topstitch with this golden thread as a nod to traditional jeans)

I am also hoping to trace out a bunch of pdf patterns that I have had on my list for quite a while. Fortunately before all this stay at home routine started I'd bought a new pack of my favourite tracing material, plant cover 'fabric' from the Dollar Store. There is a lot in a pack so I should be able to trace all these things, if I find the time to do it.

First, 3 more patterns from the April 2020 Burda magazine. If I ever get my May issue I'm sure there will be at least one more to trace from that issue!

I also want to trace two dresses, the Everyday Dress from In the Folds for Peppermint Magazine, and the Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress, which was top of my list for last summer when I bought it!

Finally, two very useful summer tops: the Sointu Tee from Named Patterns, and the Antero Shell Top from a recent capsule collection from Sew News. There are more tops I'd like to try, but I'll start with these two.

What about you? Are you making solid plans? Going through your stash for ideas? Sewing according to mood? Finishing UFOs? Taking up other hobbies or crafts? I am getting out some of my embroidery again as well and have been finding that very relaxing.

Whatever you are doing, I hope that you are staying safe and taking care of yourself in all ways.



  1. Still on sewing scrubs...I raised £1235 [so far], and have made 45 sets to date. 16 more cut out, and quite a lot of fabric still to use up, although tape for drawstrings ran out [waiting for delivery from China, how ironic] so I had to sew several metres of tape yesterday. Dull work, but satisfying to see pictures of nurses and doctors wearing them, and to get their thanks. It has given me a measure of relief from the feelings of helplessness. Fortunately, I love being at home with my wife, our lives are small and contented, we are very privileged. I am teaching online, which isn't easy, and keep looking at the unfinished SWAP collection and wondering if I'll get my ass in gear before the extended deadline.
    I like your plans!

    1. You have been VERY busy indeed. I'm glad the scrub sewing has helped you feel better about things in some way - I'm sure the recipients are very grateful for it.

      I am glad that I am also a homebody, and the staying home part isn't that hard at all. If only it were for a better reason. I am hoping that making plans will keep me more focused!

  2. Yes, it is weird. We have more time than ever to sew, less interruptions, and yet it can be hard to remain focused. But we have to have goals. I have also taken to trying to finish UFO's, of which there are many, but not many sewn garments. And I am making some progress, but not nearly fast enough.
    Always interesting to see your planned makes.

    1. I do have a pile of mending that I think I should really tackle -- I've only done a few small things for my husband so far -- replacing buttons, fixing a cuff, things like that. I have a few slightly more complicated ones to do on some of my previously made clothes that I really need to get to. It is so much more enticing to think about new projects! But I love the four fabrics in my plans for this month so that should help, too.

  3. I’ve been sewing a lot since we’ve been on lockdown.

    I just pulled out spring and summer fabrics to keep sewing. I have some ongoing issues with my hand and find cutting patterns (paper) out can hurt more than cutting fabric so I’m temporarily focused on garments from patterns I’ve sewn before even though there’s a ton of recent Burda patterns I want to sew! :)

    Hopefully you can carve out consistent time.

    1. I hope your hand issues resolve soon -- that is hard for a sewist to deal with! I've been really enjoying your makes over the last month or so -- inspiring to see them.

      I am hoping that planning and making myself a sort of 'schedule' will make my days a little more consistent.


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